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Blended Families

Some families are created in different ways but are still, in every way, a family A blended family starts with a couple that comes together with children from a previous relationship. Sometimes they may not have children together, but when the family comes together his children become her (the wife) children, and her children become… Read More Blended Families

Believing, Bonding, Daughters, Family, Finding your way, Life Changing, Love, Manifesting, New Relationships, Prayer, Relationships, Spiritual

Bonding and Praying for Our Daughter’s

A mother is a daughter’s first best friend One of the first and most important relationships we have in life is with our mother. She cares for you, nurtures you, protects you, and love you; unconditionally. From the womb, she comforts you, calms you, and maybe even sing to you. You feel every emotion that… Read More Bonding and Praying for Our Daughter’s