Running away from yesterday into today’s happiness…
It’s time to be happy and to be completely free
Free from yesterday’s pain and hurt
Free from the chains that had you bound to yesterday’s dilemma
Free from stress and depression
Free to smile and be happy
Free to fall in love one more time
Free to give your all without thinking about your downfalls
Free from the tears and sorrows of yesterday
Never looking back with regrets, just looking ahead to the newness that’s in front of you
Embrace it…
Excepting all of your flaws and all, owning the mistakes that you’ve made in the past, promising to learn from them and grow
Never again letting anyone determine your state of happiness, or for that matter your state of sadness
Stretching forth your faith, knowing that you will make it through to better days

Running away from yesterday into today’s happiness is the leap of faith that you have to take in order to free yourself, and in order to do that you must first free your mind to unlock your soul
Free your mind in order to get rid of whats destroying you on the inside, free your past
Being Free is Loving yourself enough to get rid of the negativity in your life
Being free is sometimes letting go of a situation that only cause harm in your life
You have to be ready and willing to go all the way just to have your happiness…somethings and some people we have to let go in order to move forward
Start with yourself, and let God handle the rest
Give yesterday over to the Lord and you will begin to see better days ahead of you…Save yourself from are destined to be Great!

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