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Have you ever wondered how to get the love you so desperately crave, need and desire? It first starts with loving yourself unconditionally despite the many setbacks and mistakes you may go through. It takes a lot to forgive but most people do not know to forgive the most important person in their lives, which is self. You have to love yourself, forgive yourself, and know-how to pick up the pieces when everything seems to be falling apart.

You can’t settle for being entrenched, you can not work off of broken emotions. If you can’t love you, how do you expect love from the world, the answer is simple, you just can’t. The Love Prayer Devotional offers you affirmation, scripture, and inspiration to love thyself and others. This book also includes writing space for your prayers and thoughts you may receive from this book while spending time with God in this 31-day devotional.

This book was created to get you to know that you deserve nothing but God’s best. It will take you on a self-healing journey back to your destiny, it will push you into who you truly are called to be, but you have to do the work. There is purpose on the inside of you! You Are Destined With A Purpose!


When faced with problems with your significant other you start wondering how to get things back on the right track and it is never easy. Have you ever been hurt so badly that you did not know how you would ever overcome it? Being hurt and broken inside of a relationship and/or after a relationship is a process especially when you don’t know how to bounce back. Not knowing what to do or even what to say can leave a person stuck and most of all feeling lost and alone.

I have included words of wisdom along with some powerful prayers to help get your relationship back on the right path. Anything that you go through can seem like there is no way out, but that’s where you are wrong. With prayer and hard work getting things back on the right track can be a little clearer. All hope is not lost but found from the lessons inside of this book.

The author wrote this book to help heal broken souls and to restore true love into your relationship, again. The prayers that are written at the end of each chapter is designed to touch your heart and transform it from shattered to being whole, again. It’s time out for holding onto bitterness, rejection, and fear. It is time to get healed from the inside out with prayer, dedication to yourself and to your relationship, and doing the work it takes to heal.

Remember that you deserve this because you are worth it!

An Unnecessary Breakdown Within Your Relationship Communication is Key by Taynia A. Coleman is signed copy available now.

An Unnecessary Breakdown Within Your Relationship

Thank You So Much for Your Love and Support.


Book Reviews

Very interesting and informative read! June 1, 2018

Very interesting and informative read, you definitely walk away with a different Outlook. I promise you you won’t regret it. Get yours today!

The lessons and prayers in this book guide readers to be the best partner they can be May 4, 2018

A common sense guide to relationship. A book for a single person or married couple. The lessons and prayers in this book guide readers to be the best partner they can be.

Before you say “I do” ask yourself are you Relationship Ready? May 1, 2018

Taynia Coleman creates a play by play that will assist you in your marriage and remove the guesswork that often leads to unnecessary breakdowns in communication. Starting with a sincere task of getting right with you, this book is wisdom filled and thought-provoking. Taynia provides the reader with encouragement to do the hard work to build a successful relationship with accompanying prayers that assist you through relationship resistance of everyday life, and space to journal about it. “Loving each other is more than just words, it is a lifestyle”, is the honest antidote every couple old and new need.This small but powerful read should be on every beside of married couples and the first gift young married couples should open. An unapologetic guide born of the author’s own experiences, Taynia gifts you a practical guide for communication success, one I wish I had early in my own personal relationship.
–Darlene Ramirez, coauthor of Moments in Life The Caregiver’s Story

An Unnecessary Breakdown Within Your Relationship

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