Vision Board Party!!!

2017 is coming to an end, and I must admit that it was a pretty good year for me. I will say that it was not the best year, but a pretty good one. So, now it’s time to reflect, absorb, and contemplate on what we could have done differently. The things we could have changed, the things that could have remained the same, the things we learned and grew from, and the things that we just never want to relive. Oh, and let’s not forget about the things we would love to take on in 2018!

Setting goals and going out to get them is the key to success in 2018. 

Don’t think your goals are too big, create SMART goals, goals that are achievable, and obtainable. Make a goal and set a date to have it done. Write the vision down and place it somewhere, where you can see it every day. This way you won’t have “I forgot ” as an excuse.

2018 will be an amazing year! 

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We must focus on bringing the new year in the proper way, with all of our ducks in a row. And what I mean by that is by focusing on our future. Nothing more, nothing less. 

If you will close your eyes and imagine where you want to be by the end of the year in 2018. What would you like to have accomplished? Can you see it? Can you taste it? Can you feel it? I hope so. Reflect on these thoughts for about 5 minutes a day, envision yourself slaying your dreams, imagine your bank account filling up by doing what you love to do. It feels so good, doesn’t it? 

In order to keep your goals going strong, is to create a visual board aka a vision board, and hang it up so that you can see it daily throughout the year. Start by buying a board, glue, tape, scissors, and whatever else to get your creative juices flowing. Grab about 3 to 10 magazines (or more) and search each magazine (pictures, words) to create what you envision your future to be. Cut out the pictures that will represent your “new life”. Glue or tape them down to your board, make it look pretty…remember you will be the one to look at this daily. Oh, and don’t forget your snacks, water, and a glass of wine lol.

Take some time to look at the board every day to reflect your thoughts, dreams, and desires. 

By doing this it will allow you to put goals down on the inside of you, and also, it will let your dreams be known to God. The Bible says to write the vision and make it plain, so that’s what we’re gonna do. 

Another board you can create is an affirmation and a declaration board. Making this board and putting it up will cause you to state your affirmations and declarations more than not. By doing this you are speaking to the universe and creating an alignment within your life, within your spirit. Positive vibes only, and while repeating your declarations and affirmation, prayer is important to do as well. Turn that board into a prayer board of affirmations and declarations because this will help you see your way out on your rough days. It will push you through to know greater is on the other side of the road.

A bonus tip is to also write a letter to yourself for 2018 before the year of 2017 is out, and on your bad days you can go back and reflect on it, to see how far you have grown. Once you see your growth it will cause you to go higher and deeper because you now know and believe that anything is possible.

Inspire to be different, and in order to be different, you have to remember that you will need to do something you have never done before. #postivevibesonly 

As always, Be blessed!

Ms. Taynia A. Coleman

Owner of Destined With A Purpose, Blogger, and Entrepreneur


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  1. lovebecomesher says:

    Vision boards are so much more useful than people know. I love the idea of writing a letter too. We used to do those in grade school, and that’s one of those things that really can help in adulthood too!

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